Sept 11, 2001

   In a way, I think it is safe to say that much has been said about Sept 11, 2001 ... and much more will be said.  I will most likely post a few articles/stories about that day when I can gather my thoughts, but for now I have loved ones in Europe and no idea if they will be able to return has scheduled and I spent most of this past week waiting to hear from the numerous friends and loved ones who live and work in the Manhattan and Pentagon areas. 

    I remember when I when a friend asked if I'd be interested in working for his company in Manhattan -- he said part of what he loved about living in NY was going to the World Trade Center for meetings and being a part of this huge and bustling city.  I will forever be grateful he was on vacation in Seattle on Sept 11, 2001!

    For now, I offer one link that will help you navigate the web if you are looking for a way to reach out and help others.  They can help you get donations to whichever fund you might want to support -- and offer local information for both NY and DC if you need to know how to contact a hospital etc.   (If you wish to donate to the Rotary Club in NY they have set up a fund at )

   I leave you with the simple thought my brother shared with me Tuesday morning:  It's so powerful because if you didn't know someone (in NY or DC) you know someone who knew someone. 

Kay Kellam