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Kay Kellam's A Life to Di For is both a science fiction novel, since it involves time travel, and a mystery because the heroine is trying to find out what happened in the tunnel by becoming part of  Diana's life from the time she was an unknown young nursery school teacher. At first she intends just to drop in at various intervals, but she finds herself eventually living in the past, first because she she is caught up in Diana's story and later because she is attracted to a photographer who covers the royal beat. She finally learns the real fate of Diana and Dodi, but at the same time she also uncovers a stunning surprise about the man she loves. This novel is highly appealing for a number of reasons: first, its portrait of Diana is the one we like to think we would have known if we had been her best friend--charming, compassionate, thoughtful, and an ability to see the best in people and events and have a sense of humor even if things in her personal life were rotten. Both the heroine and her boyfriend are engaging enough that we want to know what happens to them in the future (which is good because the author intends to use them in later novels), and the story itself is so compelling that you won't put it down till it's finished. What's more, it doesn't have any loose ends or implausible motives or events. It reminds me very much of Jack Finney's time travel books, but you don't have to be a fan of such books to enjoy it. If I was writing this review for Amazon, I would give it five stars.

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