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Kay's most recent photos from Barcelona Spain(Click Here to Download one of Kay's Photos for your Desktop BackGround)

Something to think about:

Just because the thought never crossed your mind doesn't mean it is unthinkable, impossible, or that the thought never occurred to someone else.

--  Kay Kellam

In the here and now:
Sept 11, 2001 ...   http://www.tributetoheroes.org/

June 2002 Kay was delighted to join 19,000 Rotarians and Rotarian family members for their annual convention in Barcelona Spain.  

Kay is currently writing articles for PopArtsPlace.com.  Her initial articles were about the San Diego Comic Convention, including the signing by Stargate SG1 actor Michael Shanks -- and has a by-line for one of her photos on the MGM website!

Nov 1 Kay Kellam was honored to be in the audience at UNC Chapel Hill when 60 minutes Lesley Stahl spoke to the students and alumni.  To see photos from the event click here.  If you would like to purchase a picture of Lesley Stahl in front of Chapel Hill's old well please click here.

Kay had a great time at the San Diego Comic Book and Popular Arts Convention July 19 - 22.  Photos of Kay and others appearing at ComicCon 2001 have arrived!  

Kay Signed in Plano, Texas at Sci-Fi Expo July 14!
For more on Sci-Fi Expo go to their website.
For Pictures from the Event Click Here!

May 2001 Kay Kellam signed at the Pink Ribbons Crusade ... a date with Diana in Austin, Texas.
Kay was on hand throughout the day to sign copies of her book -- and enjoyed talking about her encounters with people who knew Diana.  The proceeds from this signing are going directly to the Pink Ribbons Crusade for Breast Cancer research

Kay had a lot of fun meeting all those who came to FanSource Oct 14 & 15, 2000   
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