Small Press Event/Seminar

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2:30 PM

Independent Bookstores and Independent Publishers -- An Important Partnership

On Sunday, February 13, from 2:30 - 4 PM, Mysterious Galaxy hosts another in our occasional series of seminars.  The focus is on authors and publishers from Small Presses, an important component in today's bookselling.  Our friends at the Philadelphia Sandwich Company, located two doors down from MG, have graciously agreed to host this event.

A recent "Time" Magazine article pointed out that in today's market, The Great Gatsby, which took 15 years to sell 24,000 copies, would not be published by a major publisher.  In 2000, 25,000 copies in 18 months is a common goal.  With more and more mergers in publishing and other media companies (Like the huge proposed Time Warner and AOL merger) the expectations and editorial process at major publishers like Random House, Bantam Double Day Dell, Warner Books, etc. are changing.  The solution for today's F. Scott Fitzgeralds may well be to turn to a small press.  Small presses generally work to build niches and reputations for themselves in those niches, and build their reputation in the book community one title at a time.  Small press or self publishing options may also involve print-on-demand titles, electronic books, e-tailers and other new tools that are shaking up the industry, some of which will be touched on in the course of the afternoon's event.

Sometimes the association between specialty stores and small presses is very close.  the Rue Morgue and The Poisoned Pen are reputed mystery stores which have started their own imprints, and SF stores Dreamhaven Books and Dangerous Visions have done the same.  What motivates booksellers to become publishers?  A concern for a lack of diversity in the books available, as the consolidation among major publishers exerts a subtle form of censorship.  Publishing goals include reprinting backlist titles, bringing out US editions of international authors, and offering another editorial perspective in the fields.  And, sometimes, publishing a work one's self is the only sure fire way to have it available to sell.

Guest speakers include: Kris Neri, author of Revenge of the Gypsy Queen, published by Rainbow Press.  Revenge is the first in a series featuring mystery author and sleuth Tracy Eaton.  Sandra Ceren, author of Prescription for Terror, will speak about her experiences with Andrew Scott Publishers and novels of psychological suspense.  For more information on these returning authors and their books, check out the reviews on our web site.

Three new authors will be present as well.  San Diego author Sherrill Geer will discuss her first suspense novel, Dry Places, and her decision to self publish it through Orion-Star Publishers.  Dry Places contrasts the affluence of La Jolla and Playa del Sur, with the vast poverty right at their back doors.  Fellow San Diegan Kay Kellam has traveled to more than three dozen countries, a learning experience which helped her craft her first novel, A Life to Di For.  Bernardo Press published this time travel novel, involving a reporter investigating the circumstances between Princess Diana's death, and a portion of the book sales goes to charity.  Marv Roter drew on his thirty-five year career in aerospace engineering for his science fiction debut novel, A World to Die For.  His story of alien invasion and human perseverance is a New Path Publishing publication. 

Some combination of the publishers of speculative fiction specialty press, Babbage Press*, will be present as well.  Arthur Byron Cover, Lydia C. Marano, and Krstina Anderson Etchison formed the new print on demand press last year to produce high quality trade paperbacks of both original and reprint works by authors they admire in the field.  Contracted authors include S.P. Somtow, Dennis Etchison, John Shirley, David Schow, Garfiend and Judith Reeves-Stevens, Chelse Quinn Yarbrao, James Blaylock and George Alec Effinger, and other steller authors in the field.

The seminar will be conducted at the Philadelphia Sandwich Company, with panelists speaking and answering questions for approximately an hour.  Authors will then return to Mysterious Galaxy and be available to sign their works.

*The representatives from Babbage Press were unable to attend at the last minute.

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