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Monday, March 30, 2009


It's the final days of Jim vs Kim and James Rollins needs your help. The competition is fierce - but I'm confidant you'll be able to pull Jim out of second place and bring his votes up over 50%. Rally your troops and log on to: http://www.hccmarchmadness.ca (if you are copying and pasting the link, it is .ca and NOT .com)

Vote once. Twice. Or even a hundred. Every vote counts! (Cleaning out your browser cookies and cache will allow you to re-vote every 10 minutes....)

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Monday, April 21, 2008


WOW! Until comments came my way of how long it has been since I dropped in here I had no idea! I promise to at least attempt to be better about posting. :)

As for what's new in my world, there's a fair amount of the same old same old, writing, designing for ReadMyChest.com, and generally staying out of trouble, but in the very new and for me personally exciting category -- I made my first trip ever to Japan the end of March. Sad to say I am starting to feel old, or perhaps I should say "less than young" and a part of me is still recovering from the jetlag.

The joke has been made that I'm shifting back to my home time zone at a rate of roughly half an hour a day, given I'm over 12 hours off from Japan... well, 10 one way, 14 the other... that's just sad, and yet a great excuse for sleeping all kinds of strange hours, so I've decided to go with it!

As you might imagine, I had a wonderful time. 9 members of my family were together on the trip, the first time that specific nine has been together in far too long, and we had a blast. The fact that 5 of the 9 spoke Japanese was a HUGE asset! Especially with my brother (who was one of the nine) having Celiac Disease, same as I do. The Japanese speakers weren't there the first two days, and my limited ability to order left my brother wondering if we were going to starve, but then the cousins came to our rescue and we ate like royalty, by comparison at least, from then on.

As luck would have it we went just ahead of traditional cherry blossom season... because that's when we could go, and hoped to at least see a little of what is so famous and talked about... but our luck was outstanding and we saw some of the most amazing cherry blossom trees! Entire streets lined with them!

(On a relates to nothing side note, I arrived in Japan able to say good morning and thank you in Japanese "Ohio" and "Arigato" while in Japan I also learned to count to 5, say good afternoon, which meant I learned, almost, a word a day on the trip!)

For those who have a sense of geography when it comes to Japan, we flew in and out of Osaka, spending time in Kobe, and Kyoto, with side trips out to Himeji Castle and Nara.

I can officially say I have seen a HUGE Buddha, an amazing castle that my brother, aunt, and three of our cousins climbed 6 stories up into for what were reported back to me as incredible views. I decided to stay near at hand for one among us who wasn't certain the oversized slippers she had been provided would work well for her on the slick wood floors... and I guess I wasn't the only one a tad worried her concerns were valid since a castle employee was SO helpful when she was going down one set of steps that I thought he was going to pick her up and carry her! :)

But we had a wonderful time exploring the grounds, and gazing up at the remarkable and oh-so-un-western roof line. The architecture of Japan is something I had long been curious about, and wanted to see for myself, and it lived up to my hopes of being unlike anything I have seen in my previous travels.

Hopefully in the very near future (read later in the coming week) I'll have sized a few of my digital photos down so I can share them here... I am also working with a few of the best of the best photos for ReadMyChest.com with hopes some nice mousepads, mugs and t-shirts will come of the trip.

So, for the moment, that's the update, I'm writing, I'm working, and in between it all, I'm finding time to love life. Unfortunately I'm not finding time to write back to those who deserve replies, friends, family, and those I know only in the land of cyberspace are all side by side on my LONG list of people I really need to send some coherent thoughts to. :( But what would life be without a to do list!

For those who ended up on this blog entry because they found Celiac Disease, aka eating Gluten Free, and Japan in the same place, the only advice I can give is, yes, in Japan there is wheat in most soy sauces, though my aunt found a gluten free one at a health food store, there is ample steamed rice, though I'd suggest learning how to say rice in Japanese as that would have helped me my first night there, and restaurants that will not deal in special ordering -- which in our case was most of the smaller restaurants you tend to stumble upon at lunchtime in areas full of food choices -- will give you a generous serving of steamed rice at a very reasonable price. The hotels we stayed at were very helpful, and we found online and took with us for our three days without Japanese speakers on hand, and it worked well at the Hard Rock Cafe in Osaka at Universal Studios {Yup, the have one of their own, though we didn't go in it so I can't comment on it} to simply hand the page to our waiter, then order what we wanted and ask him to make sure we could have it using that page as his guide. The waiter came back with someone who spoke more English, and our food did have to be taken back, but it was because the waiter felt that soy sauce had "seeped into" the dish our fajitas came out on because the skillet has had so many fajitas served from it over the years, and he wanted to bring it out on a plate that would not have that risk of contamination, and so our food was prepared, again, from scratch, to be safe. We were very impressed. Our breakfasts were hotel buffets, and we stuck to scrambled eggs and bacon as they appeared the least likely to have any risk of Gluten. We also found it quite easy, and safe, to order sushi while out and about on our own, our only concern there was in not always recognizing what was in the sushi. :)

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


There's another site offering free goodies for using them for your websurfing... and telling your friends about it. If you haven't already heard about it, check it out here:

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


There are some names that stick with you forever and ever more... and Fraggle Rock is one for me. It just pops into my head from time to time.

So today I did a little investigating online only to discover that I'm clearly NOT the only person thinking of Fraggle Rock... get this:

Beginning September 5th , save your worries for another day , as The Jim Henson Company, HIT Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment present more Fraggly fun with the all-new DVD release of the Fraggle Rock Complete Second Season . Available in a rockin' five-disc box set, this latest release from the award-winning children's television series – and one of HBO's first original series – will feature all 24 episodes from the second season of Fraggle Rock . Additionally, the DVD will offer innovative bonus features, including a replica of creator Jim Henson's original pitch book for the show, a special video tribute to legendary co-creator Jerry Juhl and exclusive interviews with the cast and crew members.

The release of the Fraggle Rock Complete Second Season comes on the heels of a fan-driven campaign calling for the series' DVD debut. Legions of Fraggle Rock devotees proved that they were, indeed, down with Fraggle Rock , as they created an online petition that was signed by more than 35,000 fans urging for the DVD release of Fraggle Rock . HIT Entertainment responded and launched the Fraggle Rock Complete First Season in 2005.

Additionally, this fall will feature the first mass distribution of Fraggle-themed products from Sababa Toys and new junior apparel and accessories -- including hosiery, hats, loungewear and t-shirts -- from partners Hyp, Jerry Leigh and Zazzle.com.

About Fraggle Rock™

Premiering in January 1983, this wonderfully inventive program was designed to entertain while also encourage an understanding and embracing of diversity. Through the fun adventures of the Fraggle gang – Red, Gobo, Wembley, Boober, Mokey and Uncle Traveling Matt – the show captured the hearts of children and adults alike while featuring a unique mix of music that ranged a number of genres, from folk, blues and gospel to country and rock. The show also secured several prestigious awards, including a Cable ACE Award and five International Emmys.

Looks like I've got some shopping to do!

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Saturday, July 29, 2006


While I am not by my nature an impulsive person, I did something without warning others, so it has come across as impulsive, when in fact it is something I considered for several months, and carefully planned.

But, to those who were not privy to my plans, my ankle length hair suddenly being up at my waist, and by my standards now SHORT has come as quite a shock... and I have to admit I've been having a LOT of fun shocking folks!

So it leads to the inevitable question, after having hair past my fingertips for this entire century to date, am I still me now that my hair is roughly half the length it was just a week ago?

Since I KNOW people will ask, I will answer the question that everyone has put forward and yet to me is a bit "personal" and not one I've been fond of answering... what did I do with the hair that was cut off?

At the moment... I still have it. I want to take a picture of it with a yard stick and see just how much I cut off. I've been jokingly referring to it as "my tail" to my family members, and have not yet decided if it may go the way of Locks of Love, or stick around in my own care in case the "unthinkable" should happen and I someday get so sick I need a wig of my own.

With my health as poor as it frequently is, the sad truth is that I have wondered what happens if, like my grandfather, I get cancer? Especially since I've read enough articles to say that many people with Celiac Disease end up with cancer in part because of the Celiac. I keep telling myself that is unlikely, and I believe the odds are "in my favor" ... but there is something "right" to me in the thought that should I ever need a wig I'd have my own hair. :)

That said, I have not ruled out locks of love at this point, but would have to braid the hair for them, which I had cut straight/loose in part to ensure the person cutting my hair, and I, both knew exactly how much was being cut off.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Zebra Dreams are my new favorite snack food... Just had ta share! :)

Just got back from San Diego Comic Con, hope to see if I have any decent photos worth sharing in the near future. :)

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Okay, this is most def. not my usual sense of humor... but I can't stop laughing when this commercial comse on for Craftsman... and obviously I'm not the only one if it's found it's way onto youtube! :)

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Friday, June 30, 2006


Don't know about you, but I can't wait to pick up the Broken Saints DVD: In the quiet corners of the globe, four strangers – a cynical American programmer, an aging Japanese priest, a troubled Arabic mercenary and a mysterious Fijian girl – receive a series of chilling apocalyptic visions. Desperate to understand their frightening visions of the future, these four troubled souls are simultaneously drawn to a dark city in the West where their fates – and the fate of the world – are revealed to be linked together and somehow part of a global conspiracy. Amidst an epic struggle of man, machine and otherworldly fear, these reluctant heroes must be willing to sacrifice everything…in order to know the truth and save us all!

Have you checked out the Official Broken Saints Official Merchandise page? I hadn't even realized there was one until a friend pointed it out to me!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It is always nice to see the folks in hollywood making movies that are good for younger audience members, films that are fun to watch, and offer several reasons to smile and have fun.

Die-hard hoops fan “Triple-J” gets no respect at the local Streetball court, because he’s too young, too slow, and worst of all – too short. But Jerome’s luck changes when he finds a mysterious pair of old sneakers with the initials “M.J.” scrawled inside. And when he puts them on, he’s suddenly able to dribble, drive, and dunk like the legendary Air Jordan himself! But when his sudden rise to Streetball fame threatens to alienate his family and turn his homies against him, Jerome realizes there’s a high price to pay to be crowned the King of Concrete…and he just might land in the Hall of Shame!

Two best friends get exactly what they fish for in Aquamarine, a laugh-out-loud hilarious comedy about friendship! Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton and pop sensation JoJo star in adventure that’s “the sweetest treat since Princess Diaries!” (Yahoo! Movies) It’s the end of summer and Claire (Roberts) and Hailey (JoJo) have a major problem. In just five days, Hailey’s family is moving halfway around the world! These girls need a major miracle, and they get one in the form of Aquamarine, a beautiful mermaid who washes ashore in a late summer storm. Sweet but clueless to the ways of romance, she offers to grant the girls one wish if they help her find the boy of her dreams. But when they attempt to reel in the cute local lifeguard, the result is something none of them expect…and they discover that sometimes what you wish for isn’t what you really want after all!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Check out the new Webisodes from Dove... featuring Felicity Huffman in one of the most entertaining ad campaigns to hit the web

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