For three weeks I have tried to close my eyes, think of New York and see something other than smoke. 

At first I had nightmares... then I got over that, but would find it hard to concentrate on driving as I passed flags at half staff.  Instead I found myself thinking about my friends who live and work in Manhattan and thankfully were not at the World Trade Center, and of their friends and family some of whom were at the WTC.

The night of Sept 11 I took pictures of the sunset as I have so many other times.  But this time I realized I was watching the sun set on the day the world changed... a haunting realization for me.

But today, October 8, 2001, I have at long last replaced that image in my mind.  Now when I close my eyes and think of New York City I hear Lee Greenwood Singing God Bless the USA, specifically the lines "I'm Proud to Be An American, Where at Least I know I'm Free... I Gladly Stand Up!"  It's the phrase Stand Up that got me to stand up and go in search of one of my favorite photographs.  I took this image in 1996, and 5 years ago this lone figure standing tall against the sunset was simply beautiful - but now she truly is an inspiration and an icon for America. Because she is standing tall against the wind and seas, reminding me for one that I am still proud to be an American.

Statue of Liberty Photographed by Kay Kellam in 1996

If you would like to post a copy of this image on your website, I ask just two things, please leave the copyright in place so others may know where it came from (and feel free to use the image as a link back to this page) and please e-mail me at and let me know.  It is my hope that this remarkable lady photographed above will somehow help others -- and your e-mail letting me know she touched you enough to want her on your sight will in turn hearten me.  thank you, kay kellam

I have resized the picture a few different ways for those who might like to use it but a tad smaller or in a different shape:



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