What Kay's Reading:

T. A. Barron's The Lost Years of Merlin (Lost Years of Merlin, Bk. 1)

Midwest Book Review
A young boy destined to become a great wizard has no name, no family, and an uncertain heritage and blossoming power. When that power injures another and blinds him, he makes a vow never to use it again - even though his journeys bring him into contact with an overwhelming evil which could change his world. Merlin's quest for the truth brings him many new friends and insights.

Why this book?

The question is bound to come up -- why am I reading a novel aimed at 9-12 year olds?  Well, the reason is two fold.  First, many book stores consider this book so well written and so appealing that it is found in both the adult sci-fi section and the teen novels section of the store.  Second, I have a 13 year old cousin who I don't see nearly enough of and I am always looking for topics we can discuss.  So I began thinking that if we had some books we could talk about that would be fun.  When I bought Merlin I actually bought two copies.  One for each of us.  And sent the copy to my cousin for her, and if her two younger brothers were interested for them as well, to read and then talk about with me.

It is an experiment that I feel is working quite well.  I hear so many adults say they don't know what to talk about with kids -- or that their world is so different from the world kids are growing up in now.  I grew up on the tv show F-Troop.  My cousin has no idea what F-Troop is.  So rather than give up I'm trying something new.  I've found something that requires some effort on both her part and mine, but I am hopefully creating a bridge to common ground where we can talk and have fun.