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We've opened a shop full of items featuring a quote Kay came up with several years ago:  "Until You Walk A Mile in Another Man's Shoes... you don't know why he has blisters!"

If you read the Blog then you were waiting for this Sunset Pic!

Kay is currently writing articles for PopArtsPlace.com and doing a few creative writing projects to keep the mind active, in addition to designing shirts for ReadMyChest.com.  For a not quite daily update from the world of Kay check out her newly started Blog!

New  Kay Kellam Items For Sale!

Catch a glimpse of other Kay Kellam photography items here...

Items have been grouped in several "Stores", follow these links to see the variety of items available:

Items made from Kay Kellam's latest Publicity Pics
Items made from Kay Kellam's pics of the Diana Tributes at Kensington Palace
Items featuring the square picture (above) of Kay and all that hair
And Kay's brilliant Sunset Photography Items

There are several square tiles available featuring Kay and her photography:


(MGM quoted an article Kay wrote at PopArtsPlace.com after last years San Diego Comic Con about actor Michael Shanks autograph session.  Check it out Here.  They also used one of her photos Here)

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Something to think about:

Just because the thought never crossed your mind doesn't mean it is unthinkable, impossible, or that the thought never occurred to someone else.

--  Kay Kellam

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Royally Speaking:

Official PayPal Seal New:  Please take a moment to check out these sites, Kay's Sci/Fi writing friend James Rollins, and Fantasy writing friend James Clemens.   And lo and behold another friend of Kay's has made it into print with his first solo novel! ;)  Please swing by Amazon.com and check out Stan Brown's "The Crab"

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