Sci-Fi and Toy Expo in Plano, Texas, July 14, 2001

First to those who were there and dropped by the booth where I Kay Kellam was signing in the main all -- thank you!  I had a wonderful day and I know that is thanks to the wonderful attendees, and the hard-working group that brought the event together.

To those who took the time to show appreciation for the time and effort it takes to write a novel, I am indebted.  Those few minutes you took to show appreciation for my craft, and the time I have dedicated to it means a great deal to me.  Being in author means spending lots of time in front of a keyboard and monitor, there is no audience applauding when the curtain comes down or a scene ends -- and yet today I understood exactly how those actors feel to know their work is appreciated.  Thank you.

To Ben who graciously included me in the event, many thanks!  It was a wonderful experience, and I definitely highly recommend the Sci-Fi and Toy Expo in Plano to others interested in attending in any capacity.  (Be it as an exhibitor, attendee, or guest, I believe you will enjoy it hopefully as much as I did.)

To Aaron (oh please tell me I spelled your name right!) thank you does not begin to express it!  You checked on me throughout the day to make sure I was situated fine and offered to go the extra mile -- and in the photos that follow I believe people will see you travel that extra mile well with camera in hand.  THANKS!

And now, with no further ado -- photos from the event!

Left: Kay Kellam with Dirk Benedict.  Right, The Galactica Reunion of Benedict, Hatch and Jefferson

The Galactica Reunion brought three great guys together -- three guys (Dirk Benedict, Richard Hatch, and Herb Jefferson) who were willing to pose with this  one girl. :)


After 7 hours of smiling and signing I asked Mira Furlan for one last smile... she was building up to it here. :)

Given I smiled and signed for only 4 hours, I have a great deal of sympathy for just how tired she must have been!  It was a long but wonderful and rewarding day!

Then again, long as it was -- that did mean there was time to have a little fun with two wonderful Klingons. :)

Robert O'Reily (Gowron) and JG Hertzler (Martok) listen to a story from Kay.  (Looks like Bob already saw where the punch line was going. :) )

"Has anyone seen JG?  Ah never mind, that means Kay's still here with me, and there's nothing wrong.  In fact, nothing to see here!"

Never mind, we've found him! :)

Bob did ask what he'd look like with a little more hair, so we decided to find out:

As time permits a few more photos may be added (real life astronaut Rick Searfoss and I had a brief conversation and took a photo while I will try and add after San Diego) -- and larger copies may be made available... we'll just have to wait and see.  After all -- it's time to get ready for the San Diego Comic and Pop Arts Convention!

To those I met in Plano -- thanks for a wonderful day.  To those I might see in San Diego as well -- please forgive me if I confess in advance, I expect the crowds in San Diego will overwhelm me but please, don't hesitate to come up to me and remind me we met just last week... I do my best to recall all the faces, but I am after all just human.  (Unlike JG and Bob who are Klingon, and while they are more likely to remember you, I'm not sure Kaplah (sp?) is the greeting you really want. :) )

--- Kay

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